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Please click on the apporiate guide on the left.  For all other systems, Since there are already guides all over the internet, there is really no need to create another guide that basically gives the same information.  Most of these guides shows you how to disassemble the system.  Simply work your way backwards to reassemble.

Some general tips to follow:
It is a lot easier if you pre-thread the screw holes in the new housing before putting everything back.
   To do this, use an original screw and screw into the hole about 1/2 way is good enough.  Make sure you don't use the wrong length screw!

The free screwdriver we provide is useable. But if you have your own, use it!  The bigger handle will give you better leverage when pre-threading.
  Main thing is don't let the screwdriver slip.  This is the main cause of the screw heads stripping.  DO NOT over tighten! If you undertighten, you can always tighten it a little more.  If you over tighten, there's no going back.

Try to use as many original parts and screws as much as possible, and again, pre-thread each hole before the actual install.

If your screwdriver is slipping when trying to remove the screws, it means your screws may have "bonded" with the plastic. This usually happens with older systems which the plastic has stretch and shrink with varying temperatures. If this is happening, try tapping on the screwdriver lightly to loosen it. If that still doesn't work, some customers have used a drop of WD40, or olive oil to loosen the screws.


Please note that doing this will void any warranty of your system. You should be pretty good at working with small, delicate parts and have steady hands. DO NOT use excessive force.  As alwaysattempt at your own risk!  We will not be held responsible in any way, shape, or for anything that happens to your system while using any of these guides.

This is not for everyone. Some will find it extremely easy while others may find it impossible, and there are people all in between. So again, please proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don't be shy to ask for assistance.

For systems not listed on the left, here are the links to guides for other systems (all links will open in a new window):

Nintendo 3DS XL tear down.  +  Youtube Video

Nintendo 3DS.  +  Youtube Video
Nintendo DSi XL.
  +  Youtube Video
Nintendo DSi.  +  Youtube Video
XBOX 360 Slim Laser Replacement Youtube Video   *I suggest you mute the sound

Don't be afraid to search for other, better guides with Google!  Simply use the terms "________ disassembly."  For example, "3DS XL Disassembly" would give you lots of results.

If you have any questions or problems, please do let us know! We're always here to help.